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Going green” is a popular catchphrase these days, but when it comes to actually designing and building a green project, turn to Liberty Control Company¬†for expertise and experience. We offer a variety of lighting control products and services that can reduce energy costs, meet requirements for energy codes such as ASHRAE 90.1, earn points toward LEED certification, and reduce your project’s impact on the environment.

Reduced energy costs

Even simple occupancy sensors can result in energy savings of 15-60%. More advanced systems can realize additional savings by harvesting available daylight to supplement electric lighting, performing automated sweeps to turn off lighting inadvertently left on by occupants or cleaning staff, or integrating with building automation systems (BAS) or energy management systems (EMS) to allow control of HVAC and other building loads.

Compliance with energy codes

Many state and local jurisdictions require new and retrofit construction to meet various energy codes, such as ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, and California’s Title 24. Lighting controls play an important role in meeting various requirements of these codes, including automatic shut-off of lighting, bi-level switching, and more. Meeting or exceeding the guidelines in these codes sometimes can lead to tax incentives, resulting in further savings.

Points toward LEED certification

If your project is aiming for LEED certification, using lighting controls can earn several points toward the required total.

Reduced impact on the environment

A significant percentage of all electricity used in the United States is used for lighting. By reducing your project’s energy usage with lighting controls and other strategies, you help conserve our natural resources and reduce pollution and other damaging effects on the environment.

Enhanced occupant control and satisfaction

Adding lighting control to a project can improve the aethestics of the space and allows occupants to adjust lighting to suit their needs, rather than adapting themselves to their lighting. This in turns enhances productivity, boosts morale and improves the bottom line.

Energy Control Resources

No one lighting control product can fit all possible applications. Liberty Control Compay can assist you in selecting the type(s) of lighting controls that are appropriate for your needs and goals.

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